Culture and Motivation

MARKETERs Club creates a culture around a goal and involves people in this culture. The association is guided by leaders who use charisma to attract and motivate members. They do their best to defend a project and take decisions based upon it. The project is shaped around the concept of learning by doing, a never-ending personal development.


This culture has been created around a few principles: easy and unconventional communication among members, freedom to develop own talent through learning by doing, creation of a huge network composed by marketing and business lovers, endless learning.

This is not what MARKETERs Club does, but why it very exists. The idea was born thanks to a common need to increase knowledge and passion. Knowledge within a group is developed through personal interests generally achieved thanks to personal readings.

Concluding remark

For example, members of MARKETERs Club are deeply passionate about books, and this knowledge was in need of some practical endeavors, so people started planning some little workshops for other students.

In this way, Marketers could improve their skills for organizing events and at the same time acquire knowledge about specific issues related to marketing, personal branding, project management, public speaking, design programs and so on. Successfully, knowledge evolved into competences and skills.

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