Experience of Task Force as real impact of Digital Learning

Marketer’s events are not simply conferences, as the task force tries to keep attention and involvement always at a high level; this is possible thanks to interaction through live tweeting and other social networks. The task force encourages participants to use official hashtags and take a selfie on social networks.

As a matter of fact during the check-in participants receive a badge, gadget, pen and sheets to take note. Everything is MARKETERs-branded in order to create a social identity.


At the end of the event there is an award ceremony, where MARKETERs club, after developing a contest during the marketing campaign linked to the theme of the event, in order to promote the event itself and further involve participants, delivers themed prizes to winners.

During the event there are often surprises like selfie zones, live contests, scenic designs, and background actors and so on. MARKETERs Club is a stimulating environment where people’s ideas can come true. Task forces growled even more structured and coordinated during the years.

Working method

This was possible thanks to several debriefings, mistakes and trials. MARKETERs Club is working with a continuous process of self-improving. He task force experience is highly formative, as it gives several possibilities to express members’ talent.

How? Once each member’s roles have been defined, anyone can get 57 inspired from the most famous marketing campaigns and apply them to MARKETERs Events. This is an incredible aspect of what is possible thanks to observational behavior. It is not sufficient to observe, people have to inform, study, try and examine in depth.

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