How to choose a welding machine?

Welding machines ลวดเชื่อม in use today are of many types and sizes. Therefore, users need to have considerable technical knowledge. So you can choose the machine that is most suitable for the job. The knowledge that will be discussed herein is the technical knowledge of the different types of welding machines used. Therefore, it will be a guideline for you to decide which type is most useful and efficient

Electric welding ลวดเชื่อมเงิน machines can be classified into several types, such as rotary welding, non-rotating, electric motor drive. Motor driven type, transformer type and rectifier type. Limited electric entrance Static electromotive force as well as single-use or multi-use and others. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

Two major types of welding machines (Two Basic Types)

Welding machines can be divided into two major types, one is Constant Current (CC) or Conventional and the other is Constant Voltage (CV) or Modified Constant Voltage. CC) commonly used for normal welding and sometimes can be used with automatic welding methods The static type only applies to continuous connection which is an automatic method. The difference between these two types of welding machines is the comparison of the curve obtained from the relationship between current and voltage. by connecting a changeable resistance to the machine (Which will act as Loads) The plotting of the curl will be done by measuring the force between the tip of the welding wire (Electrode) and the work at different values ​​of the current used.

constant current welding machine

This type of welder is suitable for conventional welding with Covered (Stick) Electrode or SMAW for gas tungsten welding (TIG) or GTAW for carbon arc welding or CAW for grooving (Arc. Gouging, Stud Welding or SW

It can also be used for automatic welding by using larger wire sizes. but must be used with a Voltage Sensing Wire Feeder. See that this type of welding machine will give the maximum outlet voltage when no load (Load) or with zero current flow. and the voltage will decrease as the load increases. Under normal welding conditions, the voltage in the circuit is between 20 and 40 volts and the voltage is between 60 and 80. While open circuit, this type of welding machine can be either alternating current or direct current (AC or DC) or both alternating current and direct current (AC and DC).

This constant current type welding machine, when welding with a shielded type of wire, the arc voltage can be controlled by the operator (operator). Arc distance or Arc Length If the arc distance increases, the Arc Voltage will increase accordingly. and if the distance of the arc voltage is reduced Arc voltage will also decrease. From the kerb shows that As the voltage increases (Long Arc), the current decreases. And when the arc voltage is reduced (Short Arc), the current will increase. Therefore, for this reason, the welder can change the current while welding or change the heat in the welding (Welding Heat) without the need to set the current at the welding machine. but only to change the distance of the arc

Constant current welding machines are available in either direct current or alternating current (DC or AC). Machines are either rotary or static machines. The rotary type may be driven by an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Gasoline or Diesel Engines can be either water cooled or air cooled. And on these rotary machines there are often plugs for use with lights or for power tools.

DC welding machine (Generator Welding Machine)

Normally, this rotary or generator welding machine has an adjuster which can adjust both the power and the voltage. Therefore, the curb can be changed while there is no load (No Load). The voltage can be adjusted at the controller, which is called Fine Adjustment, which this controller will act to finely adjust the current while welding. another controller Used for adjusting the current coarsely called Coarse Adjustment for welding from the control as described here. This makes it possible to adjust the arc to be soft (Soft) or severe. If the curve is flat and has low voltage during open circuit, the change in arc voltage will cause a large change in welding current. Therefore, it is suitable for use in pipe welding (Pipe Welding) because it has a good deep melt. But if the curl is steep with high voltage while the circuit is open The change in voltage while the arc (Arc Voltage) of the same size will affect the change of the connection less. And makes the arc soft (Soft) and quiet (Quiet) suitable for welding thin sheet metal.

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This constant current welding machine can be used for automatic welding. But the wire feeder (Wire Feeder) must be sensitive to changes in voltage and the wire used must be large.

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