Online sports betting: what they are and how to do it [full guide]

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If you enjoy trying to predict the outcome of every sports game you see, or even think you have a special talent for it, and you believe sports betting can be fun, then this complete guide to online sports betting is for you. .What is they, how do they work, how to place sports betting online and what terms to know before you start playing? Continue reading! Here you will find everything you need to know.

What are online sports betting?

If you’re one of those people who predict the outcome whenever you watch a match in any sport, you’re already somewhat familiar with how this game of chance works. Sports betting are a type of betting that involves trying to predict the outcome of a sports game, which can be about different types of sports, both domestic and international, or even specific events within the game.

The history of sports betting

If we look back, where do you think the origins of sports betting might lie? We’ll give you a tip: think about the times when sports were a big deal, and…That’s right! Greek Olympics. After them, the Roman Empire would fight gladiatorial in the Roman circus. So what about modern sports betting? Its origins can be traced back to England in the 18th century, the cradle of betting, and more specifically, 1780, when the first sports betting on horse racing appeared. They soon made the jump to London newspapers, where they had their own section, and from there moved to betting shops, across the pond to America in the second half of the 19th century. Sure, this part of the history of sports betting is very interesting, but it was the online bookies that really made waves in the history of this game of chance, which first appeared in the early 2000s and brought them to every corner of the world in unprecedented ways Increase their visibility.

How does online sports betting work?

As you can imagine, online sports betting is the same as brick-and-mortar betting, but there are other advantages to online sports betting, such as being able to play without leaving home, when, where and from your favorite device. In order to be able to place sports betting online, you must be registered with the online bookmaker you want to bet with, as long as you meet the registration requirements, such as being of legal age. On the other hand, all online bookmakers generally have one thing in common, and that is that we need a minimum income, usually between 1 and 10 euros. When you sign up, the bookmaker of your choice (e.g. Golden Park) can offer you a welcome bonus. By itself, profit is the sum of the amount you put in the bet and your net profit, and of course, if you don’t guess correctly, you only lose the amount at risk.

How to place sports betting online?

Now that you understand how 먹튀검증 sports betting works, it’s time to explain how to do sports betting online. How to place sports betting online? The procedure is very simple. We explain step by step:

  • Select the event you want to play: At Golden Park, needless to say, we have a full schedule of events that you can bet on. The first step in your sports betting online is to choose the games you want to bet on.
  • Select your bet: You will now see the available betting options. At Golden Park we offer many possibilities such as: betting on who will be the winner, handicap betting, betting on qualifying method, who will score the last goal, winner’s score, half-time result, exact result, etc. and also Choose between making simple, combined or systematic bets.
  • Set Bet Amount: When you make your selections, a window will open on the right where you must set the bet amount and bet type for each selection. If you look closely, next to it you will see the potential profit you can make by clicking on the indicated amount.
  • Confirm Bet: The final step is to click on Bet to confirm the bet, which will appear in your private area.

Types of Online Sports Betting

The world of this game of chance also presents different types of sports betting, although the mechanics and objectives are often the same. Of course, one of the main differences you will find is sports betting based on the type of sport. In this regard, today, there are bets on almost every sports game you can imagine: football betting, basketball betting, tennis betting, rugby… whether national or international. 

  • Simple Betting: In which bets are placed on a single selection or event. Logically, in order to win, you have to guess the options you bet on. This type of betting is usually best for people who are just starting out in sports betting
  • Combination or multiple bets: Here you bet on two or more options or events, which means that the odds increase, but also the risk, because to win, all betting criteria must be met.
  • System betting: where you bet on multiple selections or events, just like in an accumulator, but unlike these, you don’t have to hit all the selections to win them. Of course, in this type, you make at least three bets, where the amount is split.
  • Canadian or Super Yankee System Bet: Here you bet on 5 events and they will be multiplied by 26x. In this case, to win, you must play at least two events.
  • Handicap bets: These bets are similar to simple bets, with the peculiarity that one of the teams in the match is awarded an advantage.