The Importance Of An Experienced Behind-The-Scenes Crew In Filmmaking

A great script for a film or a TV show is nothing if not well executed to bring it to life. The behind-the-scenes production crew is responsible for shooting the action to get the director’s vision to fruition. Therefore engaging an experienced production crew is essential for the success of a film or Tv show. Additionally, they should be up to date with the latest film production trends and advancements for the film to capture the necessary audiences. Here is why the choice of the production crew matters a lot.


What the human eye can see in reality differs significantly from what a camera video can capture, so additional lighting comes in handy to make a film look as authentic as possible. The best thing about lighting is that it can create different tones and moods for different scenes, for instance, light and enhancing, dark and dramatic.

When done right during cinematography, lighting saves a lot of time during the editing process. According to Mark Murphy director, lighting is an aspect that cannot be overlooked in filmmaking because it brings the director’s vision into reality by contributing to the overall quality of the film.


Different types of sounds contribute to the authenticity of production: human voices, sound effects, and music. Sounds greatly influence how the audience receives the film and create aesthetic and emotional responses. The actions and sound must sync for the film to be realistic.

In filmmaking, it is also necessary to eliminate unwanted background sounds such as air conditioner noises as they can impact the quality of the sound. Thankfully there is an art in the cinematography of adding background noise to produce a realistic feel, for instance, the usual sounds of a city.

Camera crew

The camera crew is responsible for the actual filming of the story, so they should be well experienced and skilled. It comprises different professionals who work together to produce the director’s vision; therefore, it plays a crucial role in bringing the narrative to life. The camera crew is responsible for establishing the correct camera lenses settings, capturing the right lighting, filters, framing, angle, etc.

Costume design and makeup

One of the overlooked things in film production is wardrobe design, but so much effort goes into putting together the correct wardrobe for a particular scene. Important clues about the character’s personality and life should be evident from their outfits in a film or movie. The costume defines their character and complements the role they are playing.

The hair and makeup work together with the wardrobe to portray the authentic look of a character. Imagine watching an action movie where the characters have no evident cuts and bruises? That would sound fake, which is why makeup plays a significant role. In many films, a wardrobe is perceived as the language through which clues and symbols can be expressed.

Parting shot

In filmmaking, the choice of lighting, sounds, camera placement, usage, hair, makeup, and wardrobes is left to the behind-the-scenes production crew. It is upon them to make the images realistic and engross the audience; therefore, skills and experience are essential.

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