The importance of Communities

It is really easy to create new social networks or digital platforms, but it is really hard to keep them alive; it is necessary to create a community that uses these social tools. A community is a group of people who keep in touch with each other; they share an idea, a passion, and a mission. Internet destroyed barriers to time, space and costs; blogs and social networks make communication easy and fast.

Community build up

Nowadays, a group of people, who share a passion, can easily become a community. Human beings always want to belong to a group, sharing their opinions and interests. But it is not sufficient.

A strong community exists if everyone has understood the common mission, if knowledge is supported everyday, if each of us believe and is convinced in what we are doing. Before internet, people had to find time to spend together, now we have many tools and ways to share everything we want with others.

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Concluding remark

Community found itself in social networks. A strong community is possible if the digital platform is used every day and if users interact continuously with each other. For this reason, after success of main social networks as Facebook or Twitter, it is almost impossible for new entrants to compete with them, because they cannot sustain a community.

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