Themes of Social Studies

The NCSS identifies ten major themes of social studies that help kids learn how to live in a global society. Some of the ones your child will learn about include:


The current and historical study of the customs of different groups of people, looking at how cultures compare to each other and change over time

Time, Continuity, and Change

Learning about the past as a way to understand the evolution of human experience and how it has led us to where we are now.

People, Place, and Environment

A study of climate, geography, and natural resources to learn more about the world’s population and how location affects culture.

Individual Development and Identity

A look at how the culture you live in shapes who you are, and what you need to learn to be successful in that culture. This includes things like social skills and personal growth.

Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

A study of the formation and maintenance of social, religious, and political institutions and how they reflect (and can be influenced by) societal beliefs.

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Power, Authority, and Governance

An overview of the different types of government, their purpose and structure, and the power and authority each type of government and its citizens hold.

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Production, Distribution, and Consumption

A study of resources, trade systems, supply and demand, and the effects of each on economics

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