Things to Consider Before Choosing PDF Editor Tool

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We have been using Portable Document Format or PDF for the last two decades. In these years, PDF file formats have achieved milestones. PDF file format has now become a default file format for documents.

Currently, we all have a PDF viewer tool on our mobile phones or PC for viewing documents. However, the worst thing about these tools is that they can not help in editing PDF documents.

To solve this issue, there are a lot of tools that can easily convert and edit PDF files available on search engines. But the problem is that most of them are not as efficient. To help you in making a good decision, we have come up with a list of elements that you should consider before choosing a reliable PDF editor. Let’s understand them one by one:

The Acrobat online compress pdf strikes a compromise between the desired file size and the anticipated level of image, typeface, and other file content quality.

User friendly

The basic thing that every tool should have is a simple interface that every user can easily operate. If the tool has a very complex interface and it is getting very hard for you to perform functions that you want to do then just skip that tool.

The tool you are choosing, should have all the basic functions at the top and be easily accessible so that users won’t face any inconvenience while editing the PDF.


The topmost priority of every PDF editor should be, to provide as many useful features as possible to the users. However, while offering other features it should not compromise the quality of the main service.

Look for the PDF editor tool which can easily convert the PDF to Word in seconds without any extra effort and have different features as well, to keep you going.

Scan and OCR capabilities

For your office work, to go paperless you will have to look for a PDF editor tool that can easily get connected to the scanner. This gets very important to scan and edit paper documents.

To perform this function, the PDF editor you have chosen should have Optical Character Recognition. To carry out this function, make sure your tool is capable of OCR and can extract texts from images.

Safety and Security

There is no meaning in using a tool if it is not safe. Consider a PDF that gives you protection to secure your documents and keep them safe and ask for very few and only mandatory access to your device. Avoid the tools which forcefully enable multiple features, like automated form filling.


One of the most important things to consider is whether the tool you are interested in is available to all the devices on which you work or not. For instance, many tools do not work on IOS, while many tools can not function on desktops. Choose a tool that is accessible to all the devices you own.

Customer service

You are going to need this consideration whenever you face any issue with your PDF editor tool. Check whether the tool replies to their customers or not, and how efficient they are at resolving issues. These things get very important if you are thinking of investing in such tools as well for your day-to-day operation.

You do not need to try multiple tools to check whether they are meeting the above-mentioned requirements or not, just check their written reviews available on popular app stores and you will get your answer. Research before going for a PDF editor tool to have a hassle-free experience.