What is a Body Attachment warrant? 


When an individual is arrested and taken into custody, the police may take possession of that person’s property. If the arrestee has any valuable possessions on them at the time of arrest, the police will inventory those items and store them in a holding area until they can be released to the owner. This process is known as a body attachment warrant. If you have been arrested and your property has been taken by the police. With a body attachment warrant, however, a different standard applies. It is an order from a judge that requires law enforcement to bring a particular individual before the court. This type of warrant is commonly used when the individual has failed to appear in court or has otherwise disobeyed a court order.

How do you surrender to authorities when there is a Body Attachment Warrant out for your arrest?

When there is a Body Attachment Warrant out for your arrest, turning yourself into the authorities can be a daunting task. It is important to remember that, as long as you cooperate with the process, everything will likely go smoothly. Here are four key things to keep in mind when surrendering to the police:

  • You can go to the county courthouse and ask them to release you from custody on your own recognizance;
  • Surrender yourself at a police station by signing a written waiver expressing your intention to turn yourself in;
  • Or surrender yourself in front of the judge by appearing in person before the judge.

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A body attachment warrant is a type of arrest warrant that authorizes law enforcement officials to take into custody the named individual and bring them before the court. The purpose of a body attachment warrant is to ensure that the person appears in court to face the charges against them.

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