When should employers hire a workers’ comp lawyer?work injury lawyers Ashburn

If a worker at your company has been injured, you may ask if you need to consult with a Virginia Beach workers comp lawyer about workers’ compensation issues. A single work-related injury can significantly impact your company’s finances, as several parties, including insurance providers, medical practitioners, your employee, and the state’s workers’ compensation board, are all engaged in a single case.

The good news is that because workers’ compensation claims rarely result in lawsuits, small business owners rarely have to engage lawyers to handle them. For the most part, the wounded worker is just requesting compensation, and the employer’s insurance carrier will assess if the worker is eligible for benefits.

Why your employee might hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Even though it isn’t frequent, workers’ compensation lawyers are hired by employees to help them navigate the claims procedure. Employees frequently retain an attorney for the following reasons:

  • There is a lack of comprehension of the claims procedure on their part.
  • They believe a lawyer can assist them in better preparing their case than they can on their own.

Employees who are informed about their workers’ compensation entitlements are less likely to seek the assistance of attorneys in the event of a claim. In the rare event that they do so, it is almost always to:

Navigate local workers’ comp laws and the claims process

Workers’ compensation rules vary from state to state. Employees must know how to deal with their insurance carrier during the claims process and understand the state rules governing workers’ compensation. They may prefer to engage with an attorney well-versed in the local legal system and procedures.

Assemble a strong case

An attorney can examine the specifics of a workers’ compensation case to ensure that an employee obtains the necessary benefits. To ascertain the total amount of the harm, your attorney could dig through your company’s records to see if there have been any previous safety violations.

Decide what is rightfully yours.

Lawyers aid injured workers in calculating how much compensation they are entitled to.  After your company’s insurance provider decides whether or not to issue benefits, attorneys can provide additional guidance to employees. When a worker’s insurance company denies or underpays their claim, the employee’s lawyer may encourage them to appeal the decision. Small businesses in this situation may choose to hire their own workers’ compensation lawyer to help them negotiate a settlement.

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