Why Math Is Hard

If math is all around you, it would stand to reason that math would be easy to learn, and fewer kids would have trouble with it. In actuality, it’s often not the math that kids are having trouble with, but learning it. There are a few factors that contribute to kids finding math difficult.

Math phobia

The idea that math is hard is a myth that many kids buy into before they even give it a try. It seems overwhelming to them, and they freeze up when it comes to doing math.

Learning style differences

Kids don’t all look the same, and they don’t all learn in the same ways, either. Some kids need lots of practice to understand a concept, while others get it immediately. Many textbooks aim to teach the learner in the middle of the spectrum, and as a result the kid who needs a little extra help as well as the kid who needs enrichment get lost in the shuffle. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete. chicks info Recent Viral Information Here

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Constantly changing programs

Not all schools keep the same textbook or program from grade to grade. If your child’s program changes, the method of teaching math could be a little different than it was before. Instead of being able to build upon a solid base of skills, your child ends up spending time relearning skills in a different way before moving on.

Luckily, as a parent, your job isn’t to choose the curriculum or textbook, it’s to show your child how math can be used in everyday life. From playing card games to cooking with your child, there’s always a way to sneak math into the day.